What I teach

Yoga is for everyone. My teaching focuses on adapting the postures and practices to make them accessible, so that wherever it is we're starting from, we meet ourselves there. For some of us, increasing flexibility will be what brings us to our mat. For others (like me) it might be building strength to protect against injury. For almost all of us, an essential part of why we practise is to release tension, relax, and bring movement and spaciousness into a body which often sits for too long. 

I teach a mindful, breath-led flow which is challenging yet nourishing, and helps us to give ourselves what we need - which is different every time we step onto the mat. As well teaching skill and technique, my aim is to help students cultivate balance, calm, strength and a sense of evenness in body and mind. Cultivating a sense of inner stillness helps us to breathe more easily, let go of things we don’t need to hold onto, and to live in the present, so we can be more alive to our lives.

My style is inclusive, and classes are a space where students can be curious to connect with themselves through inquiry. Each session works towards exploring a key concept or group of poses in depth. My intention for each class is to leave students feeling more grounded, attuned to their breath, and aware of their body and mind. 



Public classes for all ability and experience levels, with options and modifications offered. See my schedule page for regular weekly classes. Newcomers and first-timers are always welcome! For most classes you’re able to drop in. Contact me to book, or if you have any questions.



I teach small groups and private sessions for 1-2 students (eg. you and a friend, or partner) from my  studio, or I can come to you. Private, targeted classes are also useful if you're recovering from an injury. We’ll discuss what you're looking to get out of the sessions, and tailor them to your aims.


Yoga at work

I bring the yoga to you - at your office, workplace or school, before or after work. I love teaching groups who work or study together, it can really bring colleagues together in a new way as well as reducing stress and boosting motivation. Contact me to discuss options and packages.